Rethinking Accessibility

One provider’s push for innovative solutions The thinking is changing around what “accessible” can mean and the role technology can play. Individuals, their families, providers, and case managers are all looking to technology supports to assist individuals (and the staff that help support them) reach their full potential. The Story Living Well Disability … Continue reading Rethinking Accessibility

Tech Highlight – Live Transcribe

WHAT IT IS An Android Accessibility service powered by Google’s speech recognition technology that transcribes conversations (in more than 70 languages) to allow individuals to communicate “in the moment” via wifi or network connections on an Android phone. The service is available to download as a free app, or as part of the accessibility settings … Continue reading Tech Highlight – Live Transcribe

DIY VS PRO: Monitoring Supports

Dustin Wright, founder of Disability Cocoon Choosing the right support option for the individual Technology advances in the last decade have had an unprecedented, positive impact on the daily lives of most Americans; however, the world of support for Americans with disabilities has remained largely untouched by the use of emerging technologies. That is poised … Continue reading DIY VS PRO: Monitoring Supports

24 Days of Technology Recap

If you follow ARRM on Facebook, you may have caught some of our ‘24 Days of Technology’ post series. Each day, December 1–December 24, we featured a new piece of technology that is helping individuals with disabilities live more independently. In case you missed any of the tech, here is the list in its entirety … Continue reading 24 Days of Technology Recap

Connecting Through Technology

Connecting through technology banner with background of abstract expressionist painting in pink, blue, and white

Assistive Technology for communication and community integration Not everyone communicates the same way. For some individuals, expressing thoughts, feelings, and emotions is made more challenging by certain disabilities. For non-verbal individuals, assistive technology supports offer additional ways to make connections, be heard, and join in. This is especially true for Dan. Dan is a highly … Continue reading Connecting Through Technology

Creating Organizational Buy-In Part 3 | Becoming a Champion for Technology

Being a part of an organization that utilizes all available resources to assist not only those you help support, but the staff and overall operations of the company sounds like a win win for all involved. But how is your organization able to get to that point? It could all start with YOU! If you’ve … Continue reading Creating Organizational Buy-In Part 3 | Becoming a Champion for Technology

Basic Home Network Security: What You Need to Know

home network security basics

Jamie Wolbeck, VP of Operations, SUCCESS Computer Consulting Imagine you sit down to dinner at a restaurant, and your server comes by to tell you about the specials. “Oh, the steak—tell me more about that!” you say. Your server shrugs. “It’s fine,” they reply. Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, does it? And it shouldn’t. Unfortunately, when … Continue reading Basic Home Network Security: What You Need to Know

Creating Organizational Buy-In Part 2 | Breaking Barriers

Breaking barriers to organizational buy-in

You believe in the power of technology and the benefits it creates for everyday living—for everyone. Now how do you share and spread your enthusiasm with others in your organization? How do you get co-workers, family members, and self-advocates on board with adding technology supports into existing care plans to increase independence and privacy? In … Continue reading Creating Organizational Buy-In Part 2 | Breaking Barriers

Creating Organizational Buy-In Part 1 | The Basics

Organizational Buy-in basics

Gaining organizational buy-in for change can be difficult, but it doesn’t need to be. We’ve broken down our most recent training webinar into a three-part post series where three experts who have gone through the technology implementation process share how they helped bring and spread the use of technology supports within their own organizations. In … Continue reading Creating Organizational Buy-In Part 1 | The Basics