“Alexa, Turn on My Lights.”

Using the Amazon Echo to further independence What if you could turn your lights on or off by using your voice? Control lights? Adjust the room’s temperature? These things and much more are all achievable by utilizing personal home assistants like the Amazon Echo. Though small in size (and modest in price), this little device … Continue reading “Alexa, Turn on My Lights.”

With the Push of a Button

How Hammer Residences solved a need through a small piece of technology Sean Henderson, Information Systems Analytics Manager, Hammer Residences, Inc; Member, MN-NEAT The most important step in creating a support for someone you care for is properly identifying the need to be cared for. There are many reasons why this step is important in … Continue reading With the Push of a Button

Tech Highlight – Visual Impact 3

  Visual Impact 3 by AbleLink Smart Living Technologies WHAT IT IS A multimedia training system that lets individuals create custom step-by-step instructions for daily tasks. Users can create custom steps using picture and audio recordings for further explanation and prompting to learn and reinforce skills like making a sandwich, doing laundry, or taking blood … Continue reading Tech Highlight – Visual Impact 3

Tech Highlight – Smyle™ Mouse

Smyle™ Mouse by Perceptive Devices LLC WHAT IT IS Head mouse and voice mouse software that lets you control your computer or tablet via your existing webcam by utilizing simple gestures (like smiles). Smyle™ Mouse runs on Microsoft Windows® 7 or above and offers a free 14 day trial. WHO IT COULD HELP People who … Continue reading Tech Highlight – Smyle™ Mouse

Tech Highlight – Be My Eyes

WHAT IT IS An app for Android and iOS that connects people who are blind or have limited vision with live sighted volunteers via video any time of the day. Volunteers are able to help individuals navigate labels on household products, verify expiration dates, or shop in supermarkets, among other tasks. WHO IT COULD HELP … Continue reading Tech Highlight – Be My Eyes

Tech Highlight – Live Transcribe

WHAT IT IS An Android Accessibility service powered by Google’s speech recognition technology that transcribes conversations (in more than 70 languages) to allow individuals to communicate “in the moment” via wifi or network connections on an Android phone. The service is available to download as a free app, or as part of the accessibility settings … Continue reading Tech Highlight – Live Transcribe

24 Days of Technology Recap

If you follow ARRM on Facebook, you may have caught some of our ‘24 Days of Technology’ post series. Each day, December 1–December 24, we featured a new piece of technology that is helping individuals with disabilities live more independently. In case you missed any of the tech, here is the list in its entirety … Continue reading 24 Days of Technology Recap