“Alexa, Turn on My Lights.”

Using the Amazon Echo to further independence What if you could turn your lights on or off by using your voice? Control lights? Adjust the room’s temperature? These things and much more are all achievable by utilizing personal home assistants like the Amazon Echo. Though small in size (and modest in price), this little device … Continue reading “Alexa, Turn on My Lights.”

Meet the Mentors

TRC mentors are individuals who have gone through the technology implementation process and wish to help others on their tech solution journeys. Provider mentors are champions for technology use within their organizations and have first-hand experience in finding, funding, and facilitating technology solutions which not only provide increased independence for individuals, but also assist in … Continue reading Meet the Mentors

Rethinking Accessibility

One provider’s push for innovative solutions The thinking is changing around what “accessible” can mean and the role technology can play. Individuals, their families, providers, and case managers are all looking to technology supports to assist individuals (and the staff that help support them) reach their full potential.   https://youtu.be/OXtNJJrNIgE The Story Living Well Disability … Continue reading Rethinking Accessibility

Connecting Through Technology

Connecting through technology banner with background of abstract expressionist painting in pink, blue, and white

Assistive Technology for communication and community integration Not everyone communicates the same way. For some individuals, expressing thoughts, feelings, and emotions is made more challenging by certain disabilities. For non-verbal individuals, assistive technology supports offer additional ways to make connections, be heard, and join in. This is especially true for Dan. Dan is a highly … Continue reading Connecting Through Technology

Creating Organizational Buy-In Part 3 | Becoming a Champion for Technology

Being a part of an organization that utilizes all available resources to assist not only those you help support, but the staff and overall operations of the company sounds like a win win for all involved. But how is your organization able to get to that point? It could all start with YOU! If you’ve … Continue reading Creating Organizational Buy-In Part 3 | Becoming a Champion for Technology

New Technology Means New Options for People Needing Supports: A Minnesota Story

Technology options for people needing supports

Sandy Henry, Technology Advocate and former community residential services provider Reprinted with permission from Impact, a newsletter published by the Institute on Community Integration (UCEDD), and the Research and Training Center on Community Living and Employment (RTC-CL), University of Minnesota. Until recently "supervision," as used in regulatory language, had often been synonymous with having a … Continue reading New Technology Means New Options for People Needing Supports: A Minnesota Story

Regaining Confidence Through Remote Support

Expert contributor: Tamara Twite, CCRI   Going from having caregiver support 24 hours a day to just nine hours per week seems unimaginable, right? Who is making sure the individual is safe? Who is making sure they are getting to work on time or taking their medications? A 159 hour per week drop in caregiver … Continue reading Regaining Confidence Through Remote Support

Creating a strong base

Scott Wiyninger, SUCCESS Computer Consulting, Inc. Investing in technology infrastructure for data security and independence About seven years ago, The Phoenix Residence made the decision to invest heavily in new technology when they transitioned from paper records to electronic processing for items like medication, payroll, and scheduling. Their new technology investments not only freed up … Continue reading Creating a strong base

A New Way of Doing Business

Increasing independence while maximizing staff resources Utilizing technology supports in care plans is not a new phenomenon - but is an option that is becoming more mainstream as the independence benefits for persons-served and staffing constraints for organizations are realized. The Story Eight years ago, Dungarvin began implementing alternative overnight supervision when they realized the … Continue reading A New Way of Doing Business

A Case for Provider Investment

Alan Berner, Vice President of Community Services - The Phoenix Residence, Inc.   While the state of Minnesota boasts one of the richest, most comprehensive funding structures for technology, there continue to be areas in which funding is not available. Lack of formal funding should not deter providers from considering to invest their own dollars in … Continue reading A Case for Provider Investment