Hands-On Tech: A Technology Experience Center at the ARRM Annual Conference

Looking for a great way to experience dozens of assistive technology devices and supports all in one place? Well, if you’re going to the 2019 ARRM Annual Conference, you’re in luck. The people behind MN-NEAT, with help from the Pacer Center, are hosting an interactive Technology Experience Center where attendees can view (and test out) assistive technology in a staged studio apartment setting.

MN-NEAT members and Pacer Center staff will be guiding attendees through the space, which includes bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and living room environments, to discuss the technology on display, and to answer any questions. Attendees will be able to view and test out several assistive technologies for each room, including tech for a home office/desk area.

So what tech will be available to check out? Experience Center technology will include safety items like stove guards, hands-free devices including dispensers and faucets, tableware sets, audiobook and other reading devices, smart home equipment, varying sensors and remotes, and so much more.

In addition to the hands-on learning available in the Technology Experience Center, a hosted round table discussion will take place to encourage open dialogue surrounding technology. Along with other technology experts, Anna MacIntyre, the disability policy lead from DHS, will be there to answer questions about funding for assistive technology.

If you’re going to the ARRM Conference, make sure to visit the Experience Center to check out the tech and get your questions answered by people who work with assistive technology everyday to improve the quality of life for those they work with.

Excited about the Experience Center and not registered for the conference? There’s still time—late registration ends June 20.

Register for the 2019 Arrm Annual Conference, held June 27, 201

MN-NEAT was started in 2015 when like-minded people came together to talk about how they use assistive technology to support individuals they work with. The goal was to learn from each other, so the group could educate others about assistive technology and connect people with the right resources.

Now, the mission of MN-NEAT is to educate individuals and professionals about assistive technology and how it can improve quality of life.

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